Facebook is by far the most used social media site out there, with a whopping 2.50 billion users worldwide in 2020. It is an excellent platform for businesses to promote their products and services and increase customer engagement manifold times.

Benefits of Facebook for business

  1. Affordable digital marketing

Facebook is an excellent and low-cost option for digital marketing efforts to take shape. Setting up a business page on Facebook is free of cost. You will need to pay for extensive reach and promotion, but the expense is nothing compared to other, more traditional techniques.

  1. Targeted advertising

Facebook ads allow you to harness the collected profile information of the billions of users and use it for targeted sponsored ads. In 2019, overall Facebook Ad impressions increased by 37%, according to the relevant surveys on FB stats. It is a great time to invest in paid ads on the platform to reach a bigger audience.

  1. Customer engagement

Facebook is mostly used by companies to involve the audience in the promotional activities. You can post relevant and informative information related to your service such as product launches, opening of a new store, sales and offers going on, etc. Facebook is also a great place to draw traffic to your blog posts.

  1. Customer support

Facebook comments or Messenger is where most successful companies deal with customer queries and complaints. It is the easiest way to listen to customer feedback and actively pursue it in a positive manner.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Facebook indirectly impacts your SEO game. A rich and well-maintained Facebook business profile improves your ranking on SERPs, draws traffic to your website, and does wonders for your content reach and Local SEO strategy as well.

Facebook has more than 80 million small business thriving on their platform around the world. The number speaks for itself why it is so sought-after by entrepreneurs and business people.

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