Relevant, accurate, current content. I think we can probably all agree, whether business owner or business user, that’s what we want. As a customer, when you visit a website, you expect to find what you’re looking for, right? As a business owner, you only want to deliver the information your audience needs, and you want to deliver it accurately concisely and consistently right? It seems so simple when you put it like that doesn’t it. So the common question of ‘why are blogs so important’ is quite simple to answer. They’re important because they are the platform from which you share current information. Current information is ever-changing so needs to be continuously updated to ensure it remains accurate. 

Beyond the ‘simple answer,’ we can take a look at some of the more specific benefits to having blog posts on your websites:

Boost SEO – climb to the top of those search pages.

Who doesn’t want to be top of the pile? If you, like so many others, want to appear at the top of those search engine listings, you need to be proactive and join the race for the top spot. Whether you’re a new small business or an established corporate entity, regular blog posts will help your website gain pole position. 

The more relevant content your website has, the more chances you have of capturing the relevant keywords those bots are looking for. You can purposefully centre your blog posts around keywords you want to mention. Still, by merely updating regularly with correct and current information, you’ll almost certainly be capturing some of the all-important keywords. The more information and keywords your websites contain, the more those search engine bots have to index, increasing the likelihood of your website ranking high in relevant searches.

Give people something to talk about! If you’re posting content that’s interesting enough to start people talking, then you’re onto a winner. When the ‘people talking’ are other businesses with their own websites, there’s a good chance they’ll make reference to your interesting blog on their own website. The more backlinks like these you have, the higher your site will rank. 

Reputation is everything

I’m not sure what’s worse – nobody talking about you, or everyone to be talking badly of you. The one thing I’m sure of, however, is that everyone talking fondly of you is by far the better choice. Well executed blog posts can be your golden ticket to that excellent reputation. With your website delivering interesting, current information continually, people will keep coming back for more; they’ll tell others, who will do the same. Over time your site will become known as the go-to information source, and people will continually gain confidence in your business and the messages it delivers.

Show them who you are

Your blogs help you connect with your customers and your potential customers. It’s the place where you can give them a more personable insight into your business. Customer engagement is an important part of marketing your business, so seize the opportunity and connect! You could take that last point quite literally and connect with your customers, allowing them to publish comments on your blog posts to which you regularly respond. Opening a basic dialogue, people will feel more connected with your business. You can connect with your customers without the dialogue too. Your posts should be reflective of what your customers want to see and read about; by consistently supplying the information they want to know, you build trust in your brand – end result, customers feel more connected and likely to return.

Sharing opportunity

Your blogs should be a powerhouse for internal links and anchors to your social media pages. Linking to other areas of your site using relevant anchor text is a very effective way to keep your readers on your site, exploring more and more of your content and your offerings.

When your blog content is relevant people will stick around longer. You want people to not only visit your website, but see as much of it as possible, and stay on your website as long as possible. So make it interesting, connect the dots, and let the blogs do the rest for you. 

Similarly, your blogs can connect your customers to your social media pages. Blogging and social media joining forces make a very powerful marketing tool. Your blog is home to the in-depth, quality content; and your social media profiles are where you share and direct everyone to it! The perfect combination will serve two purposes: Firstly, it encourages your existing website users to connect with your social media profiles. Secondly, it allows you to share your blogs with a much more varied, wider audience. After all, if you’ve got something to say, you want everyone to hear it right! 

To summarise, If your business doesn’t make use of regular blog posts as part of your wider marketing strategy, you’re definitely missing a trick! If you want to increase your online exposure, rank higher in search engine results and connect with your customers, blog posts really are a must.

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