Love it or loathe it, in this day and age you just can’t avoid social media.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a whole host of other sites seem to be here for the long-haul; whilst some people view online platforms negatively, behaviour appears to be changing.  According to the Ofcom 2019 news consumption in the UK report, last year 49% of adults in the UK chose to consume their news via social media – a 5% rise from 2018. 

Is there any real benefit to using social media platforms for business?  This is the question that people ask when they are reluctant to engage; it takes a lot of effort to maintain your accounts, so if you’re already running a successful business, why should you spend time on it?

There are several, proven arguments as to why you shouldn’t ignore social media, if you need convincing, read on:

  • Visibility and brand awareness – Think you’re doing just fine by running some ads in the local press and relying on word of mouth? Here’s a little statistic that will blow your mind – in a total world population of 7.75 billion people, 3.80 billion of those are active social media users*.  Think about that for a moment; if you’re not promoting your business on social platforms, you truly are missing out on the ideal opportunity to increase your brand awareness and visibility, not just in your local area, but across the globe.  Mind boggling, isn’t it?
  • Increased website traffic – You’ve invested time and money in making your website look just right.  That’s brilliant, but how are people going to find it?  With the ever-decreasing attention spans of human beings, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to be able to learn more about your business.  Listing your website address on all of your social media channels is a sure-fire way to drive visitors to your site, which increases the opportunity to generate more leads and boost sales.
  • Targeted advertising – As of January 2020, the most popular social media platform across the world was Facebook (the Smart Insights survey gives a figure of almost 2.5 billion, monthly active or unique users); this platform has sophisticated advertising algorithms that will allow you to target specific demographics to appeal to your ideal brand audience.  Even if you were using Facebook alone, that is a truly staggering opportunity to position your products and services in front of potential customers. 
  • Customer audience and engagement – Social media gives you a unique opportunity to interact with your audience.  This is where the hard work bit comes in; you could just post regularly and hope that people will come to you, which to a certain extent they will.  However, if you really engage with people, liking and sharing, and consistently interacting, your customers (existing and future) will build up a level of trust in you as a business.
  • Keeping up with the competition – If you’re not using social media to its full potential, you can guarantee that your competitors will be; having a presence on social media platforms means that you can keep an eye on your competition.  Facebook has a nifty comparison tool, whereby you can ‘watch’ and compare stats on a small number of pages; this is invaluable in gauging market share and it’s also handy to see what they’re doing to get – and keep – customers!
  • Customer support – Social media platforms provide a real opportunity to engage with your customers when something goes wrong, or to shout about it when something goes right!  According to Zendesk, 90%** of customers are influenced by positive reviews when buying a product. When something goes wrong, you have an opportunity to respond quickly; people will watch how you handle these interactions and if correctly dealt with, it will make your business look good.  Positive feedback or a good review can be used on online platforms to highlight what a great company you are to deal with!

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