Looking to drive more traffic to your business?

So, you’re a budding entrepreneur – the world is your oyster, and you’re grabbing it with two hands. You’ve started up that all-important website – your digital storefront, and one of the most important parts of your growing business. First impressions are important, and we can help you make a lasting impact, turning your virtual visitors into loyal customers.


Our in-house team have the skills and passion to design, implement and manage every aspect of your bespoke social media marketing campaign.

From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, our social media marketing services are optimised specifically for your audience, and are designed to meet your business objectives with audience-targeted content, engaging competitions, reputation management and even an online PR service, giving a voice to your brand.

Our social media campaigns organically grow your online presence and engage with key influencers and personalities. We generate meaningful conversations and relationships with your engaging consumers, giving your brand the voice you want – formal, friendly, cheeky or chirpy. Building rapport this way helps drive traffic to your site, builds brand advocacy and creates a buzz around your company’s products and services – you’ll be the new name on everyone’s tongue.

We also help you to develop practical social media strategies that fit comfortably with your target audience and their perception of your brand. Whether you’re looking for on-going community and platform management to create an enterprise, a one-off engagement campaign to raise brand awareness, or just a boost to help get you started, we are experts when it comes to running social campaigns. Our experience covers a wide range of brands and industries, and from mobile communications to language courses, our campaigns have transcended our clients’ expectations and business goals.


Familiarity breeds trust – and that’s never more true than for email marketing. Whether it’s repeat email subscriptions to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers or cold-emails to rake in sales, the more people see your brand in their inbox, the more they’ll trust it. We can even manage it for you.

Email marketing is one of the most essential marketing tools for start-ups, small businesses major corporations alike. It plays an integral role in the marketing and promotion of new business services, products and deals, all while building a relationship with your customer base.

Lion Marketing provides email marketing for your business, delivering exceptional results and customer conversion rates. Easily keep track of customer experience and engagement with Lion.

As a leading UK based digital marketing agency, we can efficiently handle all the requirements of extensive management, campaign planning, email design and copy & content creation, giving your emails the wow factor you need to attract and retain your target audiences interest. From sending email campaigns en masse to detailed reports, list-building and persuasive opt-in forms, we have you and your emails completely covered.


With billions of websites, brands and blogs swamping Google, people are unlikely to click past the first page. With Google Ads, your website will show at the top of the results page – meaning it’ll see much more traction.

As a trusted Premier Google Partner, we have been recognised by Google for providing exemplary services for our clients.

Google Ads offers businesses the means to appear at the very top of the Google search results page through paid ‘search, shopping and display’ campaigns. With Google accounting for a little over 91% of global searches, Google Ads is the best choice for any business looking to cast their net wider.

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) can help your business achieve market-shaping results, whether that’s growing online visibility, increasing your brand awareness or generating a greater volume of online sales and a higher ROI.

Our team takes the time to understand the ins and outs of your business, and how it works – and we adapt our online marketing strategy to every client, giving you the best chance to meet and exceed your


We are not your typical SEO agency. Our affordable SEO services are backed by real results to ensure you see a strong ROI.

Optimising your website for SEO means adding the relevant keywords in a way that reads effortlessly and smoothly, all while making Google happy by hitting the right words and phrases – meaning you appear higher in the search results.

Our experts work closely with you to devise a comprehensive strategy that sees your website experiencing a higher volume of traffic.

Unlike some of our competition, we go the extra mile for our clients – each month, we will send you a detailed report with the progress of your campaign so that you can see where your money is going. We hold nothing back when it comes to collaborating – we just want to see your business succeed.


Lion Marketing is a Brighton based digital marketing company, and brand design is in our bloodstream. We help you increase your sales and visibility through effective, engaging branding

Create a brand identity that will grow with you. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve got an established and growing business, we work with you to develop a visual identity that keeps your brand feeling fresh and contemporary, as well as being recognisable and memorable.

Services include:

Logo Design / Name and Tagline Creation / Brand Guidelines / Brand Management / Brand Development / Brand Optimization Brand Styling / Photography / Video / Business cards / Flyers


We can help you make your website clear, clean and user friendly, making your visitor’s journeys an enjoyable and informative one – all while optimising it for SEO.

We don’t just work as a marketing agency – we design websites for businesses all over the UK. We design and build stunning, exclusive websites that can operate and manage a wide range of eCommerce services. Every website we create is built by our team of friendly web designers, and you have full content management capabilities so that you can update your website whenever you with.

We have an innovative way of working with our clients – there’s no price inflation or cost haziness with us. We believe that truly caring about doing a great job and making our clients happy will repay itself.


Collaborate with us to make your brand stand out in its market. We’ll show you what’s not working and suggest alternate routes with a detailed, unique-to-you proposal. Showcase what you have to offer with the help of our specialist marketing team. Book your consultation now.
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